M&M Assessment Day

Monday, June 17, 2019
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM (ET)
Wick Center Alumni Lounge
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Special Event
Hella Jacob
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

 Manageable & Meaningful (m&m) Assessment Day 

8:45AM - 11:30 AM
Alumni Lounge
Please join us for the 6th Annual Manageable & Meaningful (m&m) Assessment Day for Administrators, Staff, and Faculty. Come and learn about focus groups as a tool for evaluating your unit, program, or an opportunity. In addition, Daemen colleagues have prepared short presentations on:
  • how reduced NFTA-Metro passes have been received by Daemen students
  • underprepared students in gateway science courses
  • emerging themes on diversity & inclusion across campus
  • where Daemen is our strategic plan process
  • the importance of sub-group analysis when looking at your data
Sign up Now: http://bit.ly/2WFjpML

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